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5 Responses to Guestbook

  1. Frank Forte says:

    A big thanks as I have little knowledge on writing an ebook.
    I will utilise this site and publish my work for the knowledge and entertainment of my fellow man.
    Many thanks.

  2. Alan Natachu says:

    It is great to see you branch out into other topics. I’ve been a fan since iWebfaq and have enjoyed your work. Your work is straightforward and easy to understand. Keep up the awesomeness!

  3. Juliet Rich says:

    A great introduction to how to write an ebook. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Sean Shepherd says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your great site with us! I’m just getting started out in the ePublishing trade and I need all the help I can get. This site is a real help for newbies like me. I also wanted to compliment you on the overall design and visual appeal of the site. Being a software engineer and Web developer I see a lot of horrible looking sites that look like a three year old glued together a bunch of crayon drawings. This site isn’t one of those, but instead a really great looking and professional one. Anyway, thanks again! 🙂

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