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5.1 Applications
5.2 Pictures and graphics
5.3 Selling books
5.4 Useful books
5.5 Building a website

5.1 Applications

If you’re using a Mac I would really recommend you to use Apple’s Pages to write your E-Book instead of using Microsoft’s Word. The result is much cleaner and the application just feels more creative.

To download a trial of Microsoft Word or to buy Microsoft Word have a look at this page.

5.2 Pictures and graphics

If you’re not a graphic designer or photographer you can buy the right to use other people’s graphics from sites like

You could also ask someone on for the permission to use his or her photos.

5.3 Selling books

You may want to sell you E-Book on the following stores:

Another great idea is Books on Demand which also puts your book on

5.4 Useful books

The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs:
How to Be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience

The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs:
Insanely Different Principles for Breakthrough Success

I don’t recommend to read these books because I’m an Apple fanboy, though I must admit I was one. I recommend them because I read them and found them to be helpful. The good thing about these books is that they make you think about how you present your ideas (whether it’s in a presentation in front of an audience, on a website or in an E-Book) and they may also show you a different way to do it. All in a very simple and clear way with lots of practical examples.

You don’t have to do everything 100% as described in the books but even if you will just take 20-30% out of them for yourself they’re really worth it.

5.5 Building a website

There are many different applications to build websites:

Apple’s iWeb application which is part of the iLife suite, for Tutorials, Tips & Tricks visit or buy the E-Book

Realmac’s RapidWeaver application for Mac, for Tutorials, Tips & Tricks visit or buy the E-Book

WordPress is a web based editor which is really great, for Tutorials, Tips & Tricks visit or buy the E-Book

If you’re new to the whole building a website topic I would recommend you to use WordPress to build your website and to read this page which discusses all the basic knowledge you should have when starting to build a website. How to build a sales page or site to sell digital contents such as E-Books or MP3 music using WordPress is described here. has general instructions on building websites no matter what application you use to build your site is an company.
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