Writing on an iOS Device

If you own an iOS Device such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you can write your E-Book almost entirely on it or keep switching between your iOS Device(s) and your computer(s) to write it. No matter whether you write the book in Apple’s Pages or using Microsoft Word.

3.1 Apple Pages
3.2 Microsoft Word

3.1 Using Apple’s Pages

If you write your book in Pages you can use Pages with iCloud to sync your document between your computer and the iOS Device(s).

1) Buy Pages for Mac from the App Store (unless you already own it)
2) Buy Pages for iOS
3) Register to iCloud (unless you already have an account)


3.2 Using Microsoft Word

If you use Microsoft Word you can use a combination of Dropbox and QuickOffice. Dropbox is used to keep the files synced between your computer and the iOS Device and QuickOffice to write.

1) Go to Dropbox and register for an account (2GB are free)
2) Go to the bottom of the page and hit Install to download the DropBox application
3) Open the application and enter your login data. Under Choose setup type I did choose Advanced for me to choose where the DropBox folder is placed on your computer (I did choose to have it on my Desktop)
“I want this computer to sync all of the folders in my Dropbox”

As an aside note it is especially worth mentioning that by ctrl+clicking on a folder inside the DropBox folder you can choose to Dropbox=>Share This Folder… with friends and family or colleagues. And you can also access any file through www.dropbox.com and download it in case you need to do so.

4) That’s it. Put anything you want to sync between your computers into the Dropbox folder. In case of your E-Book put the book’s Word document (.docx) inside the Dropbox folder for it to sync between your computers and devices
5) If you install Dropbox on another computer and have it logging in with your account Dropbox will automatically first sync the Dropbox folder on the current computer for you to have the latest documents on the current computer and for it to like the folder on the other computer.

Caution 1: Your computer or device needs to have an internet connection for DropBox to update the files

6) On your iOS Device install QuickOffice. QuickOffice Pro HD (iPad) or QuickOffice (iPhone/iPod Touch)
7) Once you installed the App open it and choose “+” in the bottom left corner, choose Dropbox and enter your login information. You may have to allow the App to access Dropbox on Dropbox’s site.
8) Hit “Done” near the “+” in the bottom left corner and Dropbox will now appear in the left hand menu of the App.
9) You can now brose Dropbox and open any .docx you have to on it to edit it.
10) Once you’re done editing the Document remember to save it. Click on Close in the top right corner of the App and choose Save. The changes will now be saved to Dropbox and synced with the copy on your computer.

The only downside I found is that you can’t set headings. So instead you may type a code like /h1/ for Heading 1, /h2/ for Heading 2 and so on then set the heading once you work on the computer. You can then easily do a search for “/h1/” to find the spot where you need to set the heading.

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